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Color Trends 2018

Color is the most dramatic and important element of any room.  It sets the tone or mood for the space, along with bringing out our feelings - whether it's calm, relaxation, energizing, or exciting.  Bad color decisions can even elicit feelings of sadness or anger.


Each year, paint and color companies announce their colors of the year.  These colors are typically used often in the coming years so it's important to take note.  If you home doesn't match a color palette, that's completely ok.  However, if you are looking to update your room, start here and let your designer know what you do or do not like about these colors.  The trend that is most important is the one you love in your home!  This is just one tool in the toolbox to help change your house into the home you love.


The key to the "key of the year" isn't in the color itself, but the colors that the "chosen one" is paired with.  This is where you can get an overall feeling of how the color specialists feel the color will make an impact.  The color palette is also your opportunity to see how these new "it" colors blend in with your home.  Take a look:  

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