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Client Questionnaire

The client questionnaire allows you tell us about your project.  By filling this information out, it helps you get a leg up on getting your project started. 

Color Analysis

Color changes everything.  There is color that you like and then there is color that you need.  Designer Lori Weitzner has designed an 18-question quiz to help us know what colors you need in your life - the colors that best suit your home and work interiors to enhance the way you live.  Find out what colors have the greatest positive impact on you in your home.  (We are not associated with Lori Weitzner design in any way.  We just think she has a great tool!)

The Construction Rollercoaster

There are lots of emotional ups and downs that you experience with any construction project.  It's to be expected.  In fact, it can be charted.  You aren't crazy.  It's just science.  Check out the graph and see what we're talking about.

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